APRU a team of experienced and knowledgeable innovators 

Tony Torgerud

Chief Executive Officer

Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Rush, Inc.  He assumed the role in 2014 and is responsible for overseeing all sales, marketing, supply chain, R&D, and logistics.  He is leading APRU in its continuing evolution as a juice beverage company.  His desire with the brand is to make life’s everyday moments more enjoyable, all while doing business the right way.  The result is shared opportunity for communities, customers, employees and share owners.  Prior to APRU, Tony held multiple roles at LiveWire Ergogenics, Inc, Pacesetter Corporation, and G&K Services.  Tony holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming at Western Technical College.

Jason Atwell

Chief Operating Officer

Currently the Chief Operating Officer at APRU.  In this role, he is responsible for leading the company’s national field operations, with an emphasis on in-market executional governance, talent development and deployment. Furthermore, he will drive the revenue and profit acceleration of APRU’s sparkling juice division and other upcoming R&D initiatives.

Prior to joining APRU, he was the former CEO of AAG-Live and the COO of Northern Holdings Farms and Ranches, as well as a board member of six entertainment firms.As a board member of those various entertainment firms, Jason has been involved with some of the world’s largest television and music productions. Jason has the contacts and the experience that is needed to be successful in the CPG world.

Nick Kinports

Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer at APRU.  He is also the founder and technologist at NOTICE, an agency built from the ground up to push the limits of digital and experiential marketing for global brands including Visa, Anheuser-Busch, Visa, The Obama Foundation, Porsche, and Restoration Hardware. His early work has focused on the emergence of the Internet as a marketing tool which evolved into an award-winning digital agency www.lonelybrand.com – acquired in 2013 by integrated advertising agency HY Connect.  After experiencing tremendous growth throughout 2015, HY Connect was acquired by Myelin Communications, a Boston-based holding company funded by Baird Capital. Now he shares his knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm to as APRU’s chief marketer for America’s favorite sparkling juice.   Nick holds a Bachelor’s degree from Creighton University and also an MBA at Thunderbird School of Global Management.