Every product we produce under APRU Brands will be strategic and market ready to succeed.
We get the best team, sources, ingredients and/or materials to produce an efficient and quality product
Using our network and connections APRU Brands will hit the market strong with our distribution network.


It was in Northern California in 1972 that Apple Rush, the first 100% All Natural Sparkling Juice was born. Simply adding carbonation to the juice, made this beverage appealing, unique, refreshing and the only soda replacement on the market- redefining carbonated soft drinks. Popularity grew and distribution started in Chicago of 1974 where Robert Corr, a natural food entrepreneur, became captivated with the juice. Distribution expanded across the Midwest to support the rapidly growing consumer sales and natural health food channel. During the 80’s & 90’s, long before the All Natural “health craze”, Apple Rush became the choice of beverage for anyone looking to consume a carbonated soft drink, and found continued success in California and the Midwest. Great taste, No preservatives, 100% All Natural Juice was his ticket to success.

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