Every product we produce under APRU Brands will be strategic and market ready to succeed.
We get the best team, sources, ingredients and/or materials to produce an efficient and quality product.
Using our network and connections APRU Brands will hit the market strong with our distribution network.
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Ensuring Secure and Sustainable Nutraceutical Production for America’s Health

Our mission is to address the critical shortages in the U.S. nutraceutical supply chain by significantly increasing domestic production. Currently, a substantial portion of nutraceutical extracts, including essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients, are imported, primarily from countries like India and China. This reliance on foreign production poses risks to national health and security.

We aim to foster a robust domestic nutraceutical manufacturing sector that can meet the growing demand for high-quality dietary supplements and functional foods. By investing in local production capabilities, we will secure the supply of these vital health products, reduce dependency on overseas sources, and ensure that Americans have reliable access to the nutraceuticals they need for their well-being.

Our commitment is to create a sustainable and resilient nutraceutical industry within the United States, safeguarding public health and strengthening our national security against future disruptions.


Increase the percentage of domestically produced nutraceutical extracts from the current levels.

Promote innovation and technological advancements in local nutraceutical manufacturing.

Ensure quality and safety standards are met to protect consumers.

Reduce dependency on foreign suppliers by strengthening domestic supply chains.

Collaborate with industry stakeholders and policymakers to support the growth of the U.S. nutraceutical sector.

By focusing on these goals, we will build a healthier and more secure future for all Americans.

Creating products for consumers searching for high quality goods.